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The Irish are storytellers, and when you choose a guided hiking holiday in Ireland you are not looking for someone just to lead the way, you want your guide to fill your head with stories about cultures of old and the landscape you visit. Our guides will help you discover the most epic hikes each day but also the liveliest pubs for a pint with the locals, the sensational restaurant for the meal of your life or the jaw dropping viewing point to enjoy your lunch while hiking each day.

Hiking with a guide is about the freedom to enjoy the places you visit safe in the knowledge that every detail is taken care of, so you can unwind and relax.

We have 3 guided tour options available to ensure you get the ideal holiday to match your needs.

Freedom Series

What could be better than one amazing guide? How about 2 guides who will accompany your group throughout the holiday, always there to answer any questions you have or solve any problem you may encounter.

You have two hike options to choose from daily on your guided holiday – with one guide leading each walk every day. One longer moderate Explorer hike of up to 7hrs and one shorter comfortable Discovery hike of 2-4hrs.

As well as world class hiking your guide will also immerse you in Irish culture and history with visits to various experiences such as a Whiskey Distillery tour, meet a local artisan food producer, learn an ancient Irish craft or take your chances pulling the perfect pint of Guinness.

The Freedom Series allows you to choose each day what best suits you, a day on the hills or a more relaxed day of gentle walking and time to unwind and discover. This is ideal for those couples or groups of friends who may be of differing fitness and hiking abilities but still want to come and discover Ireland together. Or for those who just like to have more choice and support as part of their holiday.

Explorer Series

Our Explorer series of tours is designed for those that crave long days on the trail and want to reconnect with Nature. Your guide will lead you on a day of adventure with up to 7 hours on the trails exploring and discovering what Ireland’s ancient landscape has to offer. This is the perfect opportunity to get your boots dirty and really get off the beaten track to find the hidden corners of this land. These hikes are for those with a reasonable level of fitness and are comfortable on uneven trails with changing elevations throughout each hike. We rate these tours as two boots or energetic on our grading system

Discovery Series

Our Discovery Series of tours is designed for those who want more relaxed days of gentle walking with fewer elevation changes during the Hike. On a Discovery Series holiday you will have just that, More time to discover the wonderful towns and villages you visit and plenty of down time to relax with a book or enjoy a coffee in a local café chatting with the locals. On a Discovery Series tour your guide will also introduce you to more experiences such as visiting a local seaweed forager and learning about this wonderful plant and its many uses or a guided tour of a whiskey distillery where you can learn about the “water of Life”. Join our Discovery Series to immerse yourself in the history and culture while also enjoying a short 2-3hours hike each day. We rate these tours as One Boot or comfortable on our grading system.

All we ask is that you read all the “Walk Details” for your chosen holiday & make sure you are happy that you can accomplish each day’s Walk Distance & elevation, together with the underfoot conditions – to ensure you have a wonderful holiday.


1 Boot

Our 1 Boot WalkOur 1-Boot Walks are considered “Comfortable”, suitable for people who are able to walk up to 12kms (7.5miles) daily, with a maximum climb of 600m (1,950ft).

You will experience more culture, history and experiences along the way, while still keeping terrific hikes each day. 

2boot2 Boot

Our 2-Boot Walks are considered “moderate”, suitable for people who are able to walk up to 20kms (12.5miles) daily, with a maximum climb of 950m (3,100ft).

Please note that any of the below 8-Day tours are also available as short breaks.

Guided Tours

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Freedom Series 8-Day – 1 & 2 Boot Tour with 2 Guides

Discovery Series 8-Day – 1 Boot Tour with 1 Guide

Explorer Series 8-Day – 2 Boot Tour with 1 Guide

8-Day – 2 Wheel/ Boot – Moderate


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