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Ireland Walk Hike Bike was set up with one purpose in mind – to show you the real Ireland that we know and love.  Having watched many visitors “flash” through Ireland – founder Linda Woods decided back in 1994 to find a better way to see the country.  “My aim was to slow people down, so they really get their feet into the soul of the country, meet the locals & discover what makes Ireland & the Irish tick………” and 22 years later – this is exactly what Ireland Walk Hike Bike is still doing today….

Whatever holiday you want – walk, hike, bike, more active than that or less active than that – we will be delighted to chat with you, work out your ideals & plan your holiday with you to ensure you have a really memorable trip to Ireland.

Linda, Maurice & their team of personally chosen Travel Advisors are always on hand to answer any enquiries you may have to ensure you have a super holiday in Ireland……..we look forward to hearing from you.

Ireland Walk Hike Bike (formerly Southwest Walks Ireland) was started in 1994 by Linda Woods.  The realisation of a dream – we want to show people “the real Ireland” the way it should be seen – slowly, intimately and knowledgeably.

Twenty years later, our terrific office personnel and great guides all share the same philosophy – “to take people into those hidden parts of Ireland that few know about and give people a real “taste and flavour” of Ireland the way we know it”.

With the many changes & challenges that everyone all over the world have to face daily, all of us here in Ireland Walk Hike Bike remain committed to share our love and fascination for Ireland – its’ history, culture, diversity & humour.

We invite you to contact one of our friendly staff to start your holiday plans rolling.  All are delighted to assist you in any way to ensure the smooth running of your holiday, to give information to you that will help make YOUR holiday easy and a relaxing, rewarding experience. Now, under the banner of Ireland Walk Hike Bike – Linda and her team of professional guides and office personnel are ready to show you and introduce you to an Ireland that few see – but all dream of.

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