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County Galway in the west of Ireland features some of the most beautiful landscape in the country, in particular the natural splendour of the Connemara region with its picturesque lakes, open valleys and unspoilt landscape. While the route is popular with tourists embarking on driving holidays, the region can be enjoyed all the more by taking a bike tour and taking in the marvellous scenery at a leisurely pace.

A bike tour is a splendid way of exploring the towns, villages and rural roads of Ireland and Galway is home to some of the most picture-perfect settlements in the country, while the county boasts numerous towns with a relaxed vibe. It’s worth giving yourself the time to take in this friendly, laid-back atmosphere and captivating scenery.

We offer a range of guided and self-guided bike tours in Galway, giving you the option of exploring the county in your own time (we provide you with detailed route maps of each area) or enjoying the region in the company of a knowledgeable guide who will keep you entertained with stories and facts about each area.

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