Hiking is good for both Body & Mind!

Ireland Walk Hike Bike - Hiking ToursAll of us here at Ireland Walk Hike Bike have been saying it for years but now Doctors have confirmed that Hiking can change our brains.

A recent article on collective-evolution explains exactly how.

It explains that hiking can stop “Negative Obsessive Thoughts”, disconnecting from technology during a hike “Boosts Creative Problem Solving”, it can actually improve ADHD in Children and as it is great exercise it “Therefore Boosts Brainpower”.

If you would like to join us for a guided walk in Ireland this year, check out our Hike Date. If you would prefer to discover the benefits of hiking independently we have plenty of options in our Self-Guided Section.

If you have any queries or qyuestions about visiting Ireland on a Walking, Hiking or Biking tour please get in touch.


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