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Ireland is the perfect place to take a holiday. This lovely island has physical and spiritual qualities that are seldom found in the Western World. The pace of life is relaxing; the scenery is beautiful and varied, with the sea never far from sight. The climate is moderate, and the sunshine, when it comes, intensifies the already beautiful colours of the landscape.

The very best way to see and appreciate this wonderful land is by foot or bike; travel with good boots, good waterproofs and a good camera! Most of all – be prepared to take your time, for there is no such thing as a tiresome journey in Ireland. Please do not rush your journey, the Irish do not approve of rushing; if you rush, the charm of the country and the people will pass you by.

In Ireland, it is important not to stick to a plan too rigidly, and become irritated when it has to be delayed or changed a bit. Nothing in Ireland can be planned right down to the last detail. Information can sometimes only be found out on the spot; and opening times, timetables and other schedules are more subject to change than in many other countries. For this is what makes Ireland and the Irish!

For your Holiday – you will need to plan enough to make sure you have the correct equipment that we feel is required to walk or bike comfortably in this glorious place.

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