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Walking / Hiking Grades

Weather conditions in Ireland both overhead and underfoot can change quickly affecting the difficulty of a walk, hike or bike holiday. Even on the sunniest of days – it is important to be prepared and always take an interest in the local weather forecast. Remember that the better equipped and prepared you are the more enjoyable your holiday will be.

1 Boot

(Comfortable) – The terrain will be varied and occasionally wet underfoot. These walks are best suited to people capable of walking up to 12kms (7.5 miles) daily. During each day of walking you will encounter uphill and downhill sections with a maximum height of 600 metres (1,950 feet) approx. being our “cut-off”. This grade is ideal for your first walking holiday in Ireland or for less experienced walkers.

2 Boots

(Moderate) – This grading is given to our Classic Walks & Self-Guiding Hikes which take you across open-mountain and bogland (wet conditions). The terrain is varied and each day will have uphill and downhill hiking, some of which may be steep. The maximum height we reach is 950 metres (3,100 feet) approx. This grade is suitable for people with a good level of fitness and capable of walking up to 20kms (12.5 miles) a day.

3 Boots

(Energetic) – This grade applies to our Holidays where participants need to have a good level of fitness and previous hiking experience is recommended. For this grade, participants need to be able to walk up to 25kms (16 miles) a day across varied terrain, some open mountain tops without tracks, some bog, beach, prepared trails and asphalt. The maximum height you will have to ascend is approx. 1,050 metres (3,300 feet) with some ascents and descents that are often demanding.

Note: On Guided WALK Holidays, your Guide will normally “pace” the group according to the average pace, assuming all walkers are capable of the above criteria.

Note: For Self-Guiding/Independent HIKE holidays we recommend all participants are comfortable with map reading and have the ability to navigate with a compass.

Biking grades

Ireland is a country of few flat stretches of land and therefore it makes for a wonderful cycle destination as you gently cycle through undulating landscapes enjoying the views that sweep out in front of you. Below you will find our grading to help you choose the holiday which will best allow you enjoy this wonderful country on your cycling adventure.

1 Wheel

(Comfortable) – Suitable for those who simply would like to explore a region by bike at their own pace. The cycling is mainly on flat routes with a maximum daily distance of 50kms (31 miles). There is less climbing involved on these tours. These tours are designed for those that do not cycle on a regular basis but have a reasonable level of fitness.

2 Wheels

(Moderate) – Suitable for anyone who enjoys both easy and moderate rides on the same tour covering flat or gently undulating terrain with a maximum daily distance of 60kms (37 miles). There will be a few steep climbs involved, making these holidays ideal for those who cycle regularly.

3 Wheels

(Energetic) – Designed for the fit cyclist who wishes to challenge themselves on Ireland’s rolling terrain. These tours combine moderate rides with some challenging days in the saddle and will cover up to 90km (56 miles) per day with regular climbing involved.

If you would like further information on our grading, please call or email us and we will be happy to explain it further and recommend the right holiday to match your level of fitness.


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